Bike Art! Sunset at 15mph
613 Allen St.
Austin, Texas.

Nominated for an
Austin Chronical Critic's Table Award, 2010.

Might Be Good, 2009



Detail: Co-Lab,
North threshold.


Main gallery:
bike painting

bike painting

bike painting


Hidalgo Street:
view from Co-lab
North Entrance.














Here, some ants built a tunnel through the part of the painting that
spread onto the dirt path between the gallery entrance and the road
. bike painting

Work in Progress:
painting with a bicycle

I developed my concept for
Co-Lab by working on concrete and canvas in the parking lot of my studio. The white canvas informed the primed, white floor of the gallery and the surface of the parking lot got a similar treatment to the street oustide Co-Lab.


The finnshed canvas from the above shot: An Impressionistic landscape painted with a bicycle by Rachel R. Stewart
Sunset, 12x4 ft., laytex paint , pebbles, and road dirt, on canvas.

study of the sunset painted from lifeSunset Study
10x8", Oil on wood.
Collection of John Oldag.
Austin, Texas.





This painting informed
the imagry for the whole project.
See the similarities to the one above?